20 October, 2010

Below The Rialto

Crossing the Grand Canal

As photographers we tend to stand out in a crowd. It’s not just the ton of gear we’re lugging around, It the constant moving, climbing, scrambling, and re-positioning of ourselves. This becomes incredibly important when trying to frame a shot. Very often taking a stellar photo requires us to step outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes it takes some guts to put yourself in a precarious position in order to claim the prize. If nothing else and excluding the possible element of danger, it sure does get some funny looks from passers by. Funny looks are fine though. In fact, get used to them because, well, you probably deserve it. Just have your wife pack an extra “I’m with Stupid” Tee Shirt.


If you’re nervous, try singing.

“When the moon hits your eye and the smell of dead fish hits your nose, that’s amore.” — No way to set up a tripod here and I’m pretty sure I look like a huge tourist shimmying out on these posts. What’s the worst that could happen?

Seriously though, take the chance and get the shot. It’s well worth it.

Below The Rialto

About the Author

Elia Locardi is an internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer, videographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer, public speaker, and highly skilled educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world.


As featured by Professional Photographer MagazineCNet Australia,, Wacom USA, and Fstoppers, Elia has built an engaged social media following of nearly 3 million people across FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagramYouTube, and Snapchat. Due to the years of dedication and genuine openness with his audience, he has become one of the most followed photographers in the world.


Location independent since March of 2012, he and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle, perpetually traveling from country to country, continuously circling the globe. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 55 countries, flown over one million miles, and collaborated with major companies, brands, countries, and tourism agencies all over the world.


Using a combination of traditional in-camera techniques, targeted times of day, and advanced post-processing methods, Elia has developed a widely recognized and highly unique style of photography that has become well known around the world. With each photograph, his goal is to share his vision so others can see the world as he does, full of color, texture, beauty, depth and emotion. Many of his photos have been used in some of the most widely circulated publications in the world including National Geographic.


Throughout the journey, he shares the Art of Photography on many different websites including his popular blog, blamethemonkey.com, teaches post-processing workshops worldwide, speaks at major international photography conventions, and is proud to be one of the founders and leaders of Dream Photo Tours.

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  • Atharva Phadke

    Starting to fall in Love with you photos , Elia. But the main part which sort of boosts the idea behind your clicks , is the description. Thank you for making me rethink about what profession to choose. All the very best.
    – Atharva Phadke , Student(About to go in college). Pune , Maharashtra , India.