Photographing Star Trails – The Celestial Equator and Polaris

Most of us are familiar with astrophotography these days as we continue to see more and more photos of the Milky Way and night sky all over the internet and social media. Similarly, star trails being incorporated into night photography has become very popular as well. Photographing the stars can yield beautiful results. Let’s examine some examples that help us capture awesome Astrophotography and star trails.

Pulse | Kuala Lumpur

Once upon a time in vibrant Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the sunset sky transformed into a beautiful collection of interesting shapes and colors… I must’ve done something to please the weather gods during our visit to KL because every shooting location seemed to greet us with the perfect conditions for photography. I’ve been blessed with many […]

The Heart of Santorini | Oia Greece

When people talk about the Greek Island of Santorini, they often say that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. In my opinion, all of the positive things people say about this Aegean paradise are one hundred percent true. From the scenery, to the food and wine, to the wonderful attitudes of […]

Italy Photo Tour | May 2014

I’m very excited to announce our next Italy Photo Tour ! Fueled by our love and passion for Italy, we’ve designed this dream photo tour with the intention of providing everyone with a truly unique and wonderful experience. Though the emphasis is on photography, it’s also a cultural journey, designed to capture and enrich all of […]

The Path of Ages | Petra By Night

It may sound silly but I’ve wanted to visit Petra Jordan ever since I first watched Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade as a child. At that time in my life, it was hard to believe that places as extraordinary as The Treasury actually existed in real life. Although to be fair, at nine years […]

Time Stands Still | Petra, Jordan

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to visit Petra Jordan and I can honestly say that seeing The Treasury lit up during Petra by Night was an incredible experience. It’s also one of those events that should be on every photographers bucket list. The combination of light and shadows that play […]