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Beyond The Rialto | The Grand Canal

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Venice quite a few times and each time I’m always looking for the perfect amount of variables to line up, especially in places like The Rialto Bridge and views down The Grand Canal. The boat and gondola traffic, the clouds, the light, the turbulence of the water, the restoration projects and scaffolding – getting all these things to work together in harmony can be tricky business but when it all works out, you can come away with something truly unique.

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Along The North Wall – Forbidden City, Beijing

While my wife and I were in Beijing, we rented a little apartment right across the street from this view of the Forbidden City. China has some really strange weather so it was nice to be able to easily access this spot over the course of a few nights. Out of my 3 attempts with this shot, this was by far the best sunset. To be fair though, I think it was the only sunset. Every other time I shot here the sky was completely coated with a thick smog.

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Dance Of Light || Singapore

From the first time I visited Singapore, I knew that it was going to become one of my favorite places for photography. Not only is it unique and beautiful city, but it’s also home to a wonderful community of very talented photographers. It’s truly a rare visual paradise that begs to be photographed. It’s no surprise that it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite destinations of all time. I’m literally drawn to it like a moth to a flame, or in this case, a moth to an awesome laser show. 🙂

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