My 9/11 Story

A little over 10 years ago in 2001, I was really excited about starting my new job as a Broadcast Designer for CBS WFOR News Miami. The interview about a week earlier went so well that the Art Director told me I could start a few days later on September 11th. She said to call the morning of the 11th to set up a time for training.

On the morning of September 11th, 2011 my brother woke me up with a shake. He said only, “Bro, you gotta see this…” Needless to say everyone was way too busy at the news station to train me. In the long run, it was 2 more weeks until I started my new job.

Post 9/11 was a very interesting time to be involved with the news media. The whole media climate had changed and everything was extremely urgent and important. We all felt really passionate about it and for the first few years, It was extremely exciting. Thinking back on it, I had some of the best and worst work experiences of my life. All of which I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Where were you?

9/11 We Remember – 10 Years Later

9/11 We Remember - 10 Years Later (2)

9/11 We Remember - 10 Years Later (3)
A couple weeks ago, I flew from Seoul to New York City. Standing in line at Customs, I overhead on television that all flights out were being cancelled as NYC braced for Hurricane Irene… CRAP. So much for my meeting in NYC.
I booked a flight out of NYC and re-scheduled my trip for the weekend of September 11th. This was a big stroke of luck. I had completely forgot about the twin tower memorial lights.
So, last Sunday, I met up with fellow photographer +Christian Krieglsteiner at Exchange Place to photograph the light memorial. After taking a look at multiple location options, we both agreed that the skyline would look great from the New Jersey Side. — I’d also like to give a big shout out to +Jim Salvito and +Ashish Caleb Gattegno for helping me choose locations! It couldn’t have been any better.
Even though I had done a lot of research online, I was completely blown away by the brightness of the lights. They seemed to fill the clouds with liquid white light. Then, as Blue Hour approached the colors got even more dramatic. For about 15 glorious minutes, the sky was a beautiful blend of bright purples and deep blues. It was an amazing sight to witness. Thank you Hurricane Irene. 😉
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