The only word I can think of to sum up my sleeping schedule this past week is: bizarre. Here in Dubrovnik, I’ve been concentrating nearly all my shooting on AM/PM Blue Hours, Sunrises, and Sunsets. What a perfect time for my insomnia to kick in, right?

Without boring you with too many details, let’s just say that I’ve been waking up for Sunset and going to bed after Sunrise. It’s completely backwards and after a few days of it, my body clock is all messed up.

So what the hell does this have to do with photos of Stockholm’s TBana?

Well, the golden hours here are simply breathtaking, the light, the shadows, all of it. On the flip side, it requires a tedious amount of planning and calculation. Where is the sun, when will it hit the subject, what’s the best vantage point, where will the shadows fall, etc. Of course I enjoy this aspect but toss in total sleep deprivation and… *Owch. Brain Hurts…

Shots taken in Metro Stations on the other hand, have static lighting scenarios. There’s really nothing to think about aside from avoiding the crowds. No time limits, no golden hours, no early wake up calls. It’s a welcome relief to all the pre-planning and calculation and it totally supports my Insomnia! 😉

It sounds crazy but I love this stuff. Toss a few red bulls in your camera bag, load up the ipod with some dark & twisted tunes, and off you go. The only hard part is staying awake on the train rides between stations but that’s what the Red Bull is for. Zoooom!

Did any of that make sense? Maybe I need more sleep, caffeine, or both?

Daily Banana – Split Decision

Split Decision - TBana