2012 Blame The Monkey World Tour - May - June

Monkeying Around The Globe…

With quite a few different countries to visit and a bunch of new gear to test out, I’m extremely stoked about my May and June travel schedule. Being location independent, the whole year is filled with destinations but the next few months pack a unique wealth of photographic variety.

I started out the month in the beautiful Vancouver Canada and spent the last 5 days overdosing on coffee and catching up on work in Seattle. Today, I’ll arrive in Central Florida to pick up some new cameras and gear. Then tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Tokyo, followed by Kyoto, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. It’s sure to be one hell of a ride.

Along these jet lagged adventures, I’ll be posting many behind the scenes stories and photos and I’ll try to shed some light on the humorous ins and outs of a life on the road. Most of the photos won’t make it here on the blog so if you’re interested in following along, subscribe to my Facebook feed or circle me on Google+ profile for the latest updates.