Are you talking to yourself again?

I know what your thinking; your thinking, “where the heck is The Daily Banana?!”

(me): It will be back tomorrow, I promise. 😉

(you): “But then you can’t call it The Daily Banana!”

(me): What do you mean?

(you): “Well smarty pants, It’s clearly not a ‘daily’ feature if you skip days here and there. Therefore I vote to rename it: The Occasional Banana”

(me): LOL, that’s actually pretty funny. 😉 Thanks for the great idea!

Well, I’m actually out shooting all this week in Lisbon, Portugal & I haven’t mastered the whole ‘remote posting’ thing yet. Actually, It would be more accurate to say that I’m being lazy but either way, The Daily (occasional) Banana will be back tomorrow 😉