hats off to reddit.com

Has anyone been using reddit.com? Occasionally, I throw in a Flickr photo link now and again but rarely do I get any clicks or comments. Most of the time it generates minimal attention but yesterday, things went a bit viral.

Yesterday, I posted my Flickr page for, The Convent – (Ruínas do Carmo), and received over 2,600 visits! I know in web mumbo jumbo that’s not a lot but take a look at how it spiked my Flickr graph.

If you get a chance, set up a free reddit account. It’s another great way to kill time at work. You can also friend me on reddit.com HERE.

free tweets for everyone

Speaking of killing time at work, I noticed something rather important yesterday when I was tweeting. I have Zero Followers…

(stunned silence)

So, if you’re a fan of the site, my photography, or just really (really) bored, follow me on Twitter. I promise large doses of monkey business and of course, fun stuff to do with HDR Photography.


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