the new routine

I know, I’ve been lame the last few days since I haven’t posted any new pictures. Please bear with me as I’m getting used to the whole ‘posting from the road’ thing. I should have a nice shiny new HDR Photograph ready for tomorrow’s post.

ozone troubles

Did you know that the hole in the Ozone passes over New Zealand? Crazy huh?

I was hanging out with a buddy of mine on the beach here in Wellington and he told me to put some sun screen on. — “Come on man, really? I’m from Florida.”

He said, “No man, really, there’s a hole in the Ozone like right above New Zealand.”

I thought he was joking but come to find out, the hole in the Ozone does include New Zealand. So, you would think that Sun Screen (an absolute necessity) would be fairly cheap, right?

New Zealand Travel Tip #1: Pack sun screen. It’s 30 freaking dollars here.