Go Go Godzilla

I have to admit that I wasn’t very excited when I saw: “The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center” written on my tourist map. I’m really happy that I researched it or I would have totally passed it up for a better sounding attraction. In truth, subtract the horrible name and it’s quite cool. The centerpiece is a huge scale model of Shanghai that takes up an entire floor. It’s pretty impressive and when I first saw it  in person, all I could think was: WWGD. What would Godzilla do?

So, I propose this to the city of Shanghai: When you’re ready to tear it all down, please call me and I’ll take care of the demolition. It’s a service that I’ll render free of charge. It’s no problem at all, I assure you. Now, Bear in mind that I typically work in a Godzilla suit and my assosiate commonly dresses up as Mothra. No no, I assure you that’s completely normal. Oh, the screaming? Well, it’s because we love our jobs so much.

And then, my life will be complete.

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