Since I grabbed this particular position early, you don’t see the dozens and dozens of people scattered around behind me. You also can’t hear the drunk American guy screaming at the top of his lungs, “Mother Nature, F@#K Yea!”

Really American dude? Really?! We’re all here, different people from all over the world, sitting here in polite silence as we witness this amazing sunset from this amazing place, and your best contribution is, “WOOOHOOO, F@#K Yea Mother Nature!”

Here I was thinking that George W. Bush was the only bad thing for our worldly image. Shit, I guess I’ll need to buy a Canadian flag jacket after all…

If you want to see stellar sunsets like this one, Riomaggiore, Italy is the place for you. In fact, all of Cinque Terre is staggeringly beautiful and easy to get to. Do me a favor though, if you run into F@#k Yea Mother Nature Guy, punch him in the face and give him my best.

A Riomaggiore Sunset || Cinque Terre, Italy

Elia Locardi - Riomaggiore Sunset