Sunset + Moonrise = Visual Orgasm.

To answer the most obvious answer about this shot, yes, that’s the real moon. I didn’t photoshop that bad boy in. — No, seriously, I didn’t. — I also had no idea the moon would rise right there. That was 100% pure & simple luck. (Thank you universe)

This cool little Italian town in part of the 5 villages that make up the region called Cinque Terre. As you can see, Manarola is one of the most photogenic ones with easy access to many vistas and vantage points.

I spent an entire week shooting in Cinque Terre, concentrating specifically on sunsets and blue hour. It was a perfect project for me because I didn’t have to wake up early at all; not even once. Sunsets happen at a much MUCH more reasonable time than Sunrises.

Curious how this photo was created? Read the Technical Mumbo Jumbo.

Daily Banana – Manarola Moonrise

Sunset and Moonrise over Manarola, Italy