Look up! See the new “Technical Mumbo Jumbo” Menu?

So, what is this Blame The Monkey Technical Mumbo Jumbo?

Well, when I first started posting images I wanted to find a way to not only showcase the photos, but to showcase the steps involved in post processing as well. So, included with the HDR before and after comparisons was an additional blurb listing out the steps I took to process the images, called: Technical Mumbo Jumbo. It was cool for a while but after a couple of months I noticed that it became quite repetitive. Since there were only slight variations photo to photo, It seemed kinda silly to post the same stuff each time.

So, Instead of posting the same random list of steps every day, I decided to create a much larger (and more detailed) random list of steps and post them in one place. 😉 — (hey now, some of the best things in life are spawned from laziness) — Oh and speaking of laziness… Never mind, that will take too much time to explain.

This time though, it’s comprehensive and complete, leading you into every aspect of my Post Processing Techniques. It’s also here that I plan to continuously add more tutorials and links. — It’s best to think of it as a complete hub for all of The Technical Mumbo Jumbo. You can also think of it as the coolest thing in the universe, which is coincidentally what my Mom calls it.

There are 7 parts in total and today I’m excited to release parts 1-4. Check them out by clicking below:

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

1.0 Introduction to Technical Mumbo Jumbo
2.0 My Photography Gear
3.0 Travel Photography Tips and Finding The Shots
4.0 Shooting and Camera Settings
5.0 Importing and Cataloguing Photos in Lightroom
6.0 Post Processing HDR in Photomatix Pro
7.0 HDR Photo Post Processing – Color Correction – Finishing