The (not so) Rainbow Bridge || Tokyo, Japan

Here’s the beautiful Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo which is, well… not so rainbow at the moment. I guess they only light it up with colors during certain times or events? I’m really not sure but regardless, it was still really fun to watch the day end here. The sunset was a total bust but there were still slight traces of purple left in the sky during blue hour. Plus there’s a cool view of the Tokyo Tower in the distance.

Thanks so much to my friend Andrew Marston for helping me prepare for this trip. Andrew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to traveling in Japan and he’s even written a great eBook about it. Both my wife and I found it very useful and enlightening.

I’d also like to thank Takahiro Yamamoto and Jason Arney for their sage advice. Takahiro took us out and showed us his favorite shooting spots and Jason kindly warned me about the elderly on the busses here in Kyoto. They mean business! 😉

Though you can’t tell at this resolution, this photo was shot with the Nikon D800 and WOW is there clarity in the background. I can tell you that so far, I love the D800 but my Macbook Pro, well, my MBP has been vomiting blood all week. Those PSD files get pretty beefy so once I clean up the mess, I’ll blog a little bit more about it.

The Rainbow Bridge - Tokyo, Japan