Ponte dei Sospiri | The Bridge of Sighs

On my last post, I wrote about how I’m always looking for a certain variables to line up in Venice. Ponte dei Sospiri (The Bridge of Sighs) is a perfect example of this. Over the last series of visits, It’s always been covered with scaffolding and under restoration. Because of this, I’ve never been able to get a clear shot of it. Well, that is, until now.

Beyond The Rialto | The Grand Canal

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Venice quite a few times and each time I’m always looking for the perfect amount of variables to line up, especially in places like The Rialto Bridge and views down The Grand Canal. The boat and gondola traffic, the clouds, the light, the turbulence of the water, the restoration projects and scaffolding – getting all these things to work together in harmony can be tricky business but when it all works out, you can come away with something truly unique.

Venetian Blues | San Giorgio In The Distance

Today is my last day in Italy and even though I’m sad to leave, I’m happy to get one more day to explore the fascinating city of Venice. With each visit, I learn more and more about the culture, the history, and the world class architecture. It’s also interesting that no matter how many times […]

Memories From The Edge Pt. 2

title fail: Here’s the second photo in my ongoing series, “Memories From The Edge,” cleverly named “Pt. 2.” Like the title? No? — Well, maybe I should have called it, Venice Strikes Back? IDK. Every night, rain or shine (mostly rain). I’d return to this spot in Venice to watch the light fade from the […]

The Setting Sun

2 bottle minimum: When I arrived in Venice last week, I was exhausted. I really didn’t want to do anything. — This is rare for me too. I’m usually always amped up to go shooting. — So knowing that I had a few days to get the shots I wanted, I resolved to grab a […]

Memories From The Edge Pt. 1

Soft sounds and distant memories: Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and arguably one of the most beautiful in the world. It has it’s issues just like anywhere else but there’s something romantic about it too, especially when you can break away from the crowds. I found this spot a few […]