Daily Banana – Happy Birthday Italy

Today is Italy’s Birthday, or to be specific, Today is The 64th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Italy. — To celebrate I’ve put together some of my favorite HDR photos of Venice.

Venice is one of the most photographed places in the world and it’s no wonder why. Look at that place! Wow. It may smell like dead fish and gasoline but I guess that’s just part of the romanticism. –( To test this theory, I put a dead trout in my pocket at the local gas station and tried to make some friends. An old surfer guy scrunched his face at me and said, “how’s it hanging bra?” I said, “A bit salty and to the left.” He liked that answer. )–

What does that story have to do with the following Photos? Absolutely nothing 😉 — Enjoy & Happy Birthday Italy!

So, with HDR dreams of Venezia in my mind, and a dead trout in my board shorts, I leave you with a few of my past favorites.

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The Monastery

Below The Rialto

Venice By Moonlight

Singing In The Rain