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Along The North Wall – Forbidden City, Beijing

While my wife and I were in Beijing, we rented a little apartment right across the street from this view of the Forbidden City. China has some really strange weather so it was nice to be able to easily access this spot over the course of a few nights. Out of my 3 attempts with this shot, this was by far the best sunset. To be fair though, I think it was the only sunset. Every other time I shot here the sky was completely coated with a thick smog.

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Beyond The Fog || The Great Wall Of China

This is my favorite view from the top of The Mutianyu Section of The Great Wall Of China, just before the last rays of the sun disappeared into the thickening fog. It was a very spiritual moment for my wife and I, as we watched the soft light fade. We were all alone up there for the final hour of sunset, surrounded only by the gentle sound of the cool spring wind.

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Beijing – Reflections Of The Past

We’ve been staying in Beijing for over a week now is this shabby little apartment right across from the north wall of the forbidden city. Today’s photo is only a few minutes walk from our front door. Even though there are giant rats living in the ceiling, huge brown slugs sliming all over everything, and pipes breaking open to spew stinky brown goo, the location couldn’t be more perfect. If I was a Realtor, all I’d say is, “It has character.”

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