I’m very excited to be featured and interviewed in the 1 year anniversary issue of Travel Longer Magazine! Since this issue was officially released on Christmas Day, I guess this also means that Santa brought me more than just Jet Lag this year. 😉

In this issue, I talk about the life decisions that led up to Naomi and I becoming 100% location independent, dedicating our lives to photography and being on the road full time. I also share some knowledge and advice to anyone who’s interested in developing a travel photography portfolio and becoming location independent themselves. It’s not easy to run a business on the road, but I do my best to shed some light on how we make it work in addition to a behind the scenes look at our plans for a series of Photo Tours and Workshops in 2014 and 2015.

The entire article is available free on iTunes: https://bit.ly/Tlapp?


You can also watch the full length video interview below: