Falling Tide – Getting Close To The Finish Line

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last week but things have been absolutely nuts. With less than 2 days left before I begin my permanent traveling & location independent adventure, I have at least 10 days worth of work left to do! It’s a good thing I bought extra espresso yesterday. I’ve almost gone through an entire brick since then and I’m just getting started. Zooooom!

To prevent myself from continuing to bore you with the details of my current predicament, here’s another shot from the stellar Cinque Terre (aka, my happy place).

Falling Tide - (Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy)

Post-Processing Before And After

Manarola is one of 5 beautiful towns in Le Cinque Terre and throughout each day, I’d set out to scout these amazing Italian Villages. Some of the days greeted me with cool cloud formations and with the long summer days, the lighting stayed warm and beautiful. It made for great shooting conditions from sunup to sundown.

The Post-Processing for this photo is pretty straight forward. All I really did was give the scene a tiny bit of encouragement and a few small color tweaks using simple masks and adjustment layers. Let’s just hope I tweaked them in the right direction. ^_^