I am very excited to say that you can find me in the Curators Section! (+Elia Locardi)

Subscribe to my Currents edition to follow all of the Monkey Business from Blamethemonkey.com, Google+ and other social media in one easy to access format. To be honest, I’m still very new to the list and could use the support. 🙂

You can download the app here: https://www.google.com/producer/currents

If you’ve installed the app, you can add me here: https://goo.gl/ddROSElia Locardi - Blame The Monkey - on Google Currents

So far, I’ve included sections for:

  • Before and After Comparisons
  • Photo Galleries via Smugmug
  • Complete RSS Feed of BlameTheMonkey.com
  • Selects from my Google+ Feed

We’ll have more coming very soon!