On A Clear Night || Shanghai, China

I spent a week in Shanghai and out of that week, the sky was never as clear as it was on my last night. All along the ride back to Shanghai from Tongli (photos coming soon), It was driving me crazy being stuck in traffic, knowing that the sky was perfect for shooting. I was watching the sunset from the taxi window and the atmosphere was crystal clear. There was no doubt in my mind that t was going to be a beautiful blue hour. I had to keep reminding myself to be patient and go with the flow. Besides, our taxi driver was already driving like a maniac, so if anyone could shave minutes off the ride, it was this mad man. Either way, I knew it was my last night and last chance to capture a clear skyline.

The moment we arrived at the hotel, I bolted to an area of the bund I had previously scouted. My wife stayed back to pay the driver, understanding that timing was crucial. After about a 15 minute sprint, I was perfectly in position and ready to capture the moment as well as my breath. It was the perfect finale to an amazing week in Shanghai.

A good piece of advice that I can share from this experience is: You should always take advantage of good weather, period.
On A Clear Night - (Shanghai, China)