My Oculus is bigger than your Oculus.

In Greek, Pantheon means “To honor all Gods,” and It truly is a spectacular place to visit. The Oculus (that big hole at the top — get your mind out of the gutter) is 7.8 meters in diameter. Another interesting fact about The Pantheon is that the distance from the floor to the top is exactly equal to its diameter!

This is all fine unless your chosen god of worship happens to be a tripod, in which case they do NOT honor it. I’m also pretty sure that a monopod, which in this case would be a lesser deity, is also excluded from the ‘honor’ list. So if you plan to do some HDR photography here you can either be sneaky or keep a steady hand.

HDR Photography does not require you to always shoot with a tripod but it’s STRONGLY recommended. Note the capitalization of the word ‘strongly’ to understand how much I recommend it. For those special ‘non tripoded’ moments, I’ve come up with a rather handy work flow.

Click here to visit this tutorial on “How to Create HDR without using a Tripod

Daily Banana – To Honor all Gods