Photo Walk Singapore || A Great Experience

A big thank you to everyone that attended the Singapore Photo Walk last night at Marina Bay! It was great to get to know everyone and I had a wonderful time with the Q&A session. I also want to extend a special thank you to Edward Adios for coordinating the event. Without his efforts and the enthusiasm of The Landscape Hunters, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Things got off to a rough start with some heavy rains but after it cleared up, the lighting shows looked brilliant. The addition of the iLight projections really helped create some beautiful and unique photographic opportunities. If you decided to take part in the photo competition, contact Edward for all of the submission requirements.

When I return to Singapore in June, I’ll be teaching a few photography workshops focusing on both in camera and post-processing techniques. I’ll try to have all the details, dates, and times in the next few weeks. Remember, the winner of the photo contest gets a free seat at one of the workshops.

The photo below was taken by the talented Jonathan Danker