Soggy Deception.

Who’s crazy enough to venture out at night in the pouring rain, lugging expensive, not so waterproof gear, shooting long exposure HDRs? This Guy!

I can’t say that I was excited about it but I didn’t want to scrap a whole night of shooting because of a little rain. Besides, I had an umbrella and a plan. A tricky part was setting up all the gear while keeping it (and myself) as dry as possible. Perhaps the trickiest part though, was convincing my wife to hold the umbrella over me while I set up and took shots.

Who’s the crazy one now? Still me? Considering that I talked my wife into venturing out on a 4 hour walk, at night, in the pouring rain with promises of adventure and intrigue… Well, lets just say that holding an umbrella over my head wasn’t part of the initial sales pitch. What’s love without a little bit of deception now and again? It’s perfectly healthy right? (Don’t answer that)

Instead, check out the sweet reflections on the ground and the rain streaks in the sky. Is it a complicated endeavor to shoot in these conditions? Yes. Is it worth it sometimes? Absolutely! Besides, your wife will forgive you… eventually.

Daily Banana – Singing In The Rain

(move the slider to compare before and after)