First question? How do I shoot these without any people in them? Long exposures maybe? Nope, I’m way too lazy for that. Take a look at the clock in the photo for the answer.

I spend an incredible amount of time traveling by City Metro Systems. So much so that I’ve been shooting my favorites from all over the globe. It’s not just because I love photographing them, no, not at all. Honestly, it’s mostly because I’m really cheap. =D Seriously, full time travel is expensive. Taking a taxi is a rare treat for me. I mostly choose the more affordable, “on foot” method. Consequently, I also travel with an arsenal of ibuprofen.

So, here’s another awesome subway station from Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a follow up to one of my favorite undergrounds ever, “Belly Of The Beast.” The interwebs have dubbed it the entrance to Hell. Check it out.

The underground metro system in Stockholm is often referred to as the longest art gallery in the world. All over the walls you’ll find hanging art, installations,and even some painted art on the walls. The trains run late and are always on time so compared to other places in the world, these lines can be a real treat for the frequent traveler.

Daily Banana – End Of The Line

Elia Locardi - End Of The Line