Banana News – 10 Photos from 10 Countries for 10 Days

Yesterday I started releasing free desktop backgrounds on Google+!

Basically it works like this: Each day, I post a photo from a different country with a download link to the wallpaper, repeat. Simple right?

Here’s the catch: The download links are made available exclusively first on Google+. So if you have a G+ account and want in on the download action, head on over, circle me, and enjoy the free wallpapers!

If you don’t have a Google+ account yet, let me know via Email and I’ll hook you up.

Daily Banana – The Heart Of Seoul

On Travel Photography

My favorite thing about being a Travel Photographer is not only the traveling, it’s also getting to shoot a variety of interests. Cities, mountains, oceans, museums, or what have you, Travel Shooters get to do a bit of it all.

With this flexibility also comes the responsibility of actually shooting all these different things, and shooting them well, even if you don’t feel like shooting them. Sometimes It can be tricky to shift gears to nature shots when, for example, your brain gets stuck in architecture mode.

As artists and photographers we can easily get stuck shooting only what we feel “works,” certain angles, compositions, or patterns. I find that I miss a TON of things by working this way. Constantly shifting subject matter creates an amazing opportunity for growth as an artist because It requires coming up with new ideas on the spot and thinking outside that little rectangular box. Well, unless we’re dealing with Architecture. In that case we are quite literally working with rectangular boxes. 😉

Cheonggyecheon (no I can’t say it)

I loved Seoul South Korea for this very reason. A couple hours before this photo was taken, I was shooting one of the beautiful (and numerous) Korean Temples. After a quick personality change and a strong cappuccino, I shifted mental gears and set out into the city center for a scenic blue hour shot.

There’s a man made river that runs down the center of downtown Seoul called The Cheonggye Stream. This water feature is lined with paved walkways and bridges. I was amazed how relaxing it was considering it’s proximity to the crowded city streets. I spent some time down there waiting for the right lighting conditions to set it. While setting up a cool reflection shot, I nearly got pushed in the water by a fast moving elderly woman. She basically tried to hip check me. — I’ll save that story for later.

Elia Locardi - The Heart of Seoul