The good old fashioned way.

Lets face it. Every tourist attraction has, well, tourists, lots of them; and there aren’t too many things that we can do about it. Sometimes having a few people in the shot adds to the composition and enhances the mood. However, in all circumstances, the woman eating the bean burrito in the corner has to go. Lets take a few moments to go over our options.

We Could:
– Get up early and visit locations before anyone is awake (very effective).
– Go in the off season or during bad weather days (also effective).
– Yell fire and watch everyone flee in panic (my personal favorite).

These are all useful options but sometimes we have no choice but to do it the Good Old Fashioned Way and Clone Them Out! — Check out the woman on the left as she just disappears! All hail the art form that is the ‘Photoshop Clone Stamp’.

Daily Banana – A Stunning View

(move the slider to compare before and after)