Preparing For Blame The Monkey 2.0

A big thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last year and half. From to Google+, I’ve really felt the love from everyone and things have been growing rapidly. Thank you so much — I sincerely appreciate it.

We don’t have a team of people working at It’s just myself and my wife, Naomi Locardi. Everything you see is the result of a true love for photography and a passion to freely give away knowledge, experience, and information. I do this purely because I love it and she helps me purely because I’ve cleverly tricked her into loving me. (I find that subliminal messages work the best).

Over the next week, significant updates will be coming to, starting with the re-design followed by new content and tutorials. — (Not to worry, all the before and afters will stay in place). — Hopefully we can prevent taking the site down in the process but if things start acting funny, you’ll know the reason. So, please bear with me over the next week as I enter my sleepless, caffeine driven – obsessive – get things freaking done mode. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll come out with something wonderful when it’s all said and done.

This is all in preparation for a huge life change in March. In 2011, with a comical blend of insomnia and jet lag, I flew 220,000 miles to feed my passion for Travel and Destination Photography, almost always with a return ticket. But as of March, after we finish relinquishing all of our personal possessions, there will be no more round trips, no more going home, and no more looking back. The world will become our new home with 22 countries planned for this year alone.

I openly invite you to come share the world with us and learn how to create beautiful photography in the process.