Welcome to BlameTheMonkey 2.0

Well, sort of… 😉 It’s not QUITE finished yet, but we’ve been working hard on getting it completed. It was time to at least get the new (nearly finished) design up and running. We’ll be ironing out the little kinks with it over the next week or so and then we’ll begin rolling out the new content as promised.

What’s up with the delay you ask?

Well, come to find out, the thought of selling all my possessions was much simpler than actually doing it. It’s proving to be one hell of a task that has kept my wife (web design master) and I thoroughly consumed over these past few weeks. It’s all starting to wrap up though – which is extremely exciting. ^_^

Please bear with us a little longer.
Now, that the awkward disclaimer is out of the way – on to the photo details.

Golden Embrace - (Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy)

This is a late Golden Hour shot of Vernazza, one of my favorite towns in Le Cinque Terre, Italy. I hiked up to this spot and watched as the light faded into twilight. I was the first photographer to setup and the last one to leave. Slightly before I did leave though, I grabbed this other beautiful view.