Night light is right:

I love Rome. When I’m there, I’m happy. When I’m not there, I think about going. When I leave Rome, I still smell like it… (Seriously, It’s kinda dirty but that’s just part of the charm).

On this visit to Rome, I decided to primarily shoot at night. The idea was spawned by a combination of my daytime work schedule & a strong desire to improve my night time HDR photography techniques.

Now, most of the time I’m a sucker for the golden hours, those few fleeting moments at the birth and death of the day. Though beautiful results are almost guaranteed, the time limit for shooting sucks. If you miss it, well, lets just say that I hope you have another day or two to try again.

Night photography on the other hand has no time constraints. You can pretty much wander the lonely streets until your hearts content. Or at least until your legs give out and your brain shuts down from lack of sleep. There are also far less people around to get in the way. Couple the lack of people with the longer exposure times and you might as well be photographing a ghost town.

Daily Banana – Thou Shalt Not Pass

(move the slider to compare before and after)