Mental punch in the face

Simply stepping back to look up has always been one of my greatest mental reset buttons. It may seem simple but for me, it works like a charm.

Sometimes as artists we get stuck in certain modes of thought. It’s sort of like writers block and all disciplines of art have an equivalent type of creative block. Like a painter staring at a blank canvas or a dancer that has lost their rhythm, we as photographers can get stuck not being able to compose a shot.

A while back I was reading the sponsored athlete bio pages on (La Sportiva is a top name in Rock Climbing and they make some really good gear). Anyway, there were a bunch of questions from La Sportiva, one being, “What do you do to mentally fortify yourself before climbing a difficult route?”

As you can imagine, the answers were all mostly about “meditating” or “aligning with nature” or “getting pumped by listening to loud tunes” — all pretty run of the mill kinda stuff. But just as I was about to close the page, I noticed one guy’s awesome answer. He said, “I like to punch myself in the face!” Now that’s an idea!

Like I said, everyone has their own method but think of my “look up” method as a good mental punch in the face. Just with slightly less blood…

What do you guys use as a Mental Punch In The Face?

Daily Banana – Vertigo-go

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