Monkeys in Flight

Today I’m flying to South Korea for a photography project. If my responses are delayed it’s because I’m inside a giant metal container of people.

Has anyone shot there before? Have any recommendations for Seoul or Busan? If so, I’d love to hear them!

While I’m in airline black out mode, check out my Google+ portfolio so far. I’ve been having a great time with it. It’s quickly becoming my favorite social media site.

Daily Banana – The Approaching Storm

To first answer the obvious, yes, I got soaked shortly after taking this shot. The grass is also really comfy to stand in.

I spent a good amount of time visiting some friends in Wellington, New Zealand and found myself wanting to do nothing but explore the jagged coastline. Being pretty new to seascape photography, It was a good way to get my feet wet (so to speak).

While I was there though, the weather was often unpredictable. Come to find out, Wellington is notorious for it’s crazy weather and wind. New Zealand in general is an amazing place with wild F#$king weather. I thoroughly recommend visiting this amazing country! Just make sure to bring a jacket.

Elia Locardi - Approaching Storm