the right time of day

I’ve been staying around The Cinque Terre Region of Italy for a few days now and this is by far my favorite spot. So much so, that all throughout the day yesterday, I made frequent trips to this location to capture all the different lighting scenarios. From the angled lighting of mid morning and afternoon, to the brilliant gold highlights of the setting sun, this one is my favorite. — So here, as last light fades at the end of blue hour, the colors and reflections sing with subtle highlights.

This specific location is in Riomaggiore (The first village in Cinque Terre), near the end of a long span of rocks that shelters this little harbor. Where I’m setup can be a little tricky to access depending on how comfortable you feel climbing out. Some of the rocks are a little treacherous if your carrying any packs with you. — For example, heavy ass camera gear. — Note that I did it about 6 times throughout the day so I think you will be fine. Just wear a pair of shoes that have good traction.

** Also, just to note: This is not an HDR photo. Since all the water elements were moving, combining multiple exposures would have caused a blurry mess. — Instead, It’s a simple blend of 2 exposures (0 for the main elements & +1 for the buildings).

I’m sure I’ll post more variations of this beautiful location in the weeks to come. In the mean time, check out some other HDR Before & After Photos of Blue Hour.

Daily Banana – Riomaggiore At Dusk

HDR After Image - Riomaggiore Dusk - Cinque Terre Italy