Fort Lovrijenac | Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar

Fort Lovrijenac (also known as St. Lawrence Fortress and yes, I can actually pronounce it), was built early in the 11th century. The Venetians attempted to build a fort on the same spot where Fort Lovrijenac currently stands and if they had succeeded, they would have kept Dubrovnik under their power. Fortunately the people of the city got the job done first and beat them to it. Nicely done.

This shot is taken from the stone wall that lines the entire parameter of Ancient Dubrovnik. The timing was tricky because the wall closes before city lights turn on. After getting kicked off for a few days, I figured out exactly where to stow away and avoid detection.

It sounds like super covert spy shit but it’s actually really simple. It turns out they herd everyone over to a specific exit in one corner, all the while locking down the cleared areas. Eventually everyone gets funnelled to the last open area and forced to exit. If you figure out the funnel direction, you can easily stay ahead of the guards and set up for blue hour shots. If you get caught, just play dumb and Blame The Monkey. 😉

Fort Lovrijenac - Dubrovnik's Gibraltar, Croatia

Fort Lovrijenac – HDR Before and After