The Tube at Midnight

I’m a huge fan of Half Life 2. I’ve played it though many times. I still cant believe that this shot is actually a real place since it looks like it’s stripped right out of the game. This would be such an epic place to hold off a zombie horde.

While I was in London, I took The Tube everywhere. I kept on making little notes on my Iphone when I’d find something cool. It turns out there are all sorts of strange and amazing things down there. Once I had put together a decent shot list, I made a plan of action. To minimize the crowds of people I decided to set out at night about an hour before The Tube Lines closed. I pretty much had the run of the place all by myself. In order to not attract attention, I shot without the aid of a tripod.

Daily Banana – Game Over Man

(move the slider to compare before and after)