A simple matter of luck

When I go on photo walks, especially during the night, I experiment a lot. I constantly take pictures that I’m not sure about. Pictures that I don’t have high expectations for. I think to myself, “yea, maybe, sure, why not, It might work, right?” Then I shoot away. Sometimes they come out and sometimes they don’t.

On this night, I had been traversing the streets of Rome for quite a few hours with little to show for it. I shot a bunch but I wasn’t happy with any of it. Frustrated, I decided to take a shortcut back to the hotel. As I turned a corner though, I walked by this lonely street and immediately stopped. After I picked my jaw up off the floor & put my eyeballs back in my head, I stumbled over to take the shot.

Daily Banana – Alone At Midnight

(move the slider to compare before and after)