captain hindsight

Thursday Feb 24th, NASA launched Space Shuttle Discovery for the last time. When it returns from it’s voyage, it’s final resting place will be The Smithsonian.

If I had half a brain, I would have posted this image on Thursday, but as you can see, I’m fashionably late as usual.

Hey, 😉 better late than never right?

Follow the link if you would like to view more HDR Photos of Space Shuttle Discovery.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo:

– Nikon D3 – Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8@ 14mm f/14 Iso: 100 / 5 Exposure Brackets (-2,-1,0,1,2)
HDR Photography Processing & Tone Mapping using Photomatix Pro
– Post Processing & Color Correction in Photoshop
– Enhanced detail with Nik Software Sharpener Pro
– Additional enhancement with Topaz Detail
– Said goodbye to a piece of American History

Daily Banana – Farewell Space Shuttle Discovery

(move the slider to compare before and after)