2 drink minimum

I spent some time wandering The London Underground in the wee hours of the night looking for some fun & interesting compositions. I couldn’t go during the day because of how packed it was, especially in the main districts. During those hours its nearly impossible to set up a shot.

So what did I do to kill time before midnight? I had a few pints of course! What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, while lending to my overall level of enthusiasm, the alchohol did nothing for my balance and coordination. It also dulled my judgement and made me think that I could shoot Handheld Exposure Brackets at night… It turns out: Not so much.

So, inspired by my mis-adventure, I decided to treat these photos as though they are seen through my eyes, in a hazy, half drunk, silly state of mind.

All in all, not my typical style of work but I think it turned out for the best.

Daily Banana – Beer Goggles

(move the slider to compare before and after)