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Category: Japan

Sacred Path || Fushimi Inari Shrine

The Fushimi Inari Shrine with the seemingly endless path of Torii Gates was my favorite destination in all of Kyoto. Aside from the massive amount of creepy spiders, it was an incredibly soothing and spiritual feeling to walk up the mountain path. On this night there was a cool gentle breeze accompanied by the sound of thunder from an approaching storm and as the light faded, the sounds of the day were replaced with a tranquil silence that calmed me to my core.

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The Rainbow Bridge || Tokyo

Here’s the beautiful Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo which is, well… not so rainbow at the moment. I guess they only light it up with colors during certain times or events? I’m really not sure but regardless, it was still really fun to watch the day end here. The sunset was a total bust but there were still slight traces of purple left in the sky during blue hour. Plus there’s a cool view of the Tokyo Tower in the distance.

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