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Banana News – A swift kick to the pride.

So there I was, strutting my stuff like any good photographer would do. Camera and tripod slung over my shoulder, shirt off, walking proud, getting some nice sunshine, casually hopping from rock to rock, searching for the best vantage point. — Wait, is that girl topless? — Slip, oops, crash, ouch, as I lose my footing on a slime covered wet rock. Quite a lucky landing though, as I managed not to damage any of my camera gear. I stagger to my feet with a quick visual check. All ok. I look around and dozens of eyes are on me.

The woman says, “Oh my god, are you ok?!”

“Sure,” I say with a soft laugh. “At least my body was there to absorb the impact.”

My ego on the other hand, sustained severe (and long lasting) trauma.

Daily Banana – An Italian Sunset Portrait

Lol, so here I am during a more triumphant moment in Riomaggiore, Italy (Cinque Terre). A moment with (thankfully) no physical pain.
(Photo Credit: Naomi Locardi)
Elia Locardi - Riomaggiore, Italy - Sunset Portrait