A second approach

After my narrow escape from The Space Dolphins and after I discovered The Home World, I needed to locate the correct trajectory for landing. I had to find some way to rescue The Earth from their evil clutches. I knew time was short so I quickly orbited around the planet and discovered this (surprisingly convenient) entrance. I had no idea how to stop them but I knew I had to try.

First, I steeled my resolve by taking a series of deep breaths. I knew that I only had one chance to make it in without being detected. Seconds. That’s all I would have, mere seconds…

Then suddenly my wife approached and said, “are you going to stand around talking to yourself all day? Never mind, I’ll just meet you in the gift shop.”

“Not now woman!,” I shouted, “can’t you see that lives are at stake? She sighed, “Whatever, I’m tired. Just try not to take all day…” “I’ll find a way in,” I declared, as I shook my fist. “Don’t you worry, if it takes my last breath, if I die in the process, If my bones are spread from th…”

She cut me off with a wave of her hand, “Well, just don’t forget to check Uranus.”

As she turned to walk away, I grumbled to myself and returned to my important mission. Space Dolphins first. I’ll deal with her later.

To be continued…

Daily Banana – Approaching The Home World

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