Jet Lag & Neck Cramps

Travel photography, above all else, requires (you guessed it) travel. I don’t mean to be captain obvious here but seriously, it’s absolutely essential in the process. Plus, I’m about to make a humorous (and possibly ridiculous) point here.

Travel = airplanes and airplanes essentially = giant flying metal containers of people, and the last time I checked, giant flying metal containers aren’t our natural habitat.

So, traveling in a giant flying metal container = neck cramps. Neck cramps compromise sleep. Compromised sleep = jet lag.

Now, travel photography = a lot of walking & Barcelona’s Gothic District = narrow streets and tall structures which causes you to look up. Looking up too much = even more neck cramps. Add lots of walking + jet lag + neck cramps and you get…

Crap, what was I talking about?

So, anyway, about the photo: This is one of the sides of the beautiful Santa Maria del Pi in Barcelona’s Gothic (Neck Cramp) District.

Daily Banana – Good Gothic

(move the slider to compare before and after)