Ninja clone stamp

This HDR Photo was taken at the same time as Vertigo-go using 5 handheld exposure brackets from (-2 to +2). The challenging bit was taking the shots without a ton of people moving into (and around) the frame.

Piazza San Marco is (arguably) the tourist capital of Venice and is always buzzing with activity. This time, I thought my timing was perfect and that everyone had moved out of frame. I was wrong. If you take a look at the before picture, you can see a guy casually standing behind the right pillar, hiding from me. Oops. Thank goodness for the Photoshop Clone Stamp. 😉

The texture here was also (dramatically) enhanced, giving the photo a very rough and contrasty feel. The couple sitting down on the right help add to the scale of the structure. If they didn’t, I would have ninja’d them out too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clone other things out in life…;)

Daily Banana – Sun Scorched Beauty

(move the slider to compare before and after)