The Space Dolphins Saga Pt. 5

(This is part of the ongoing “Space Dolphin” saga. To view and read previous parts, click on the links below)

After my narrow escape from The Space Dolphins and after I discovered The Home World, I steadily began Approaching The Home World. Now, stuck in the Earth’s Gravitational Pull, I realize that there is no going back!

The distant rolling laughter is like rumbling thunder, dully throbbing, echoing inside my head as I begin to feel the full force of Earth’s Gravitational Pull. As my body is compounded by the physical force and the elements close in around me, my mind is strangely calm. Have I accepted my fate? Have I come to terms with the severity of the mission ahead? Has that double cappuccino worn off already?!

I begin to panic. What have I gotten myself into!? I try to retreat backwards in time but the Earth’s gravity keeps reeling me in. Like a huge tractor beam, my Resistance is futile. The more I fight the harder it pulls me in. The weight of it! The force of it! What have I done!?

“Excuse me, Sir?”

I spin around. The gravity warping my perspective as my now blurry vision settles on strange shapes behind me. What are they? Are they space people? Cosmic beings? Where did they come from? Where did they…

“Sir, could we please get by you? You’re blocking the escalator.”

Clearly I’m dealing with advanced intelligence here. Maybe they can help. If only I could convince them… I try to speak but against the Earth’s crushing weight, all I can manage is a soft whisper, “Come with me.”

“Uh yea, Well, you see, we’d like to but you keep backing up. Maybe you could just slide over so we can call it a day?”

Maybe they don’t understand. With all my mental strength, I shout, “Come with me!”

Just like that the space people start to melt away, ethereal shapes, slowly drifting backwards against Earth’s Gravitational Pull. Why are they leaving? Why won’t they help me? Was it something I said? Is it the tinfoil hat? Damn you Space Dolphins! Have you compromised these poor beings as well!?

The distant laughing, the rolling thunder, lightning strikes flashing in my head, the words, “Mental case,” and “goofball,” and what was the other one, “Wanker,” my courage, my mission, I, must…

I race forward, hyper drive activated, warp speed, embracing the forces around me, surrendering to the gravity, the pull, allowing it to engulf me, further, just a bit more, and then…

To be continued…

Daily Banana – Earth’s Gravitational Pull

Earth’s Gravitational Pull