This is the second photo that I’ve processed from Manarola, Italy. — (By the way, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I make useful links out of keywords like “Manarola” and “Italy.” Follow these links to view photos and posts from these specific areas or specific posts like “Manarola Moonrise.”)

I still have piles of images to finish from my trip to Cinque Terre. — Of course by piles I mean a bloated hard drive. — I’ll try to release them more rapidly from now on because, well honestly, I absolutely love looking at them. 5 Terre was such a great place to visit with it’s beautiful scenery, sunsets, food, botched language technique, duct tape shenanigans (a story for later), and wine induced monkey business. Thanks again to all my Italian friends and family that always keep me well fed and in wonderful company. The only things that the fond memories don’t outlast is the belly fat. 😉

Daily Banana – Village By The Sea

Village by the Sea - Manarola, Italy - Cinque Terre