Welcome New Monkeys!

The Photo “Going Home,” went quite viral yesterday on Flickr and we had a lot of new visitors to the site. I just wanted to say thanks for all the favs and comments. I’m glad you guys like it because it’s one of my favorite photos too.

So, enjoy the site and if your curious about the voodoo that I doodoo, remember to check out the Tutorials and Technical Mumbo Jumbo. If nothing else, it should help you waste a few hours of the work day.

Daily Banana – Urban Angles

I spent an entire day just walking the streets of Lisbon Portugal, looking for cool colors and textures. Walking great because it gives you the ability to spot a lot of things that would go unnoticed if you were traveling by car, for example. In fact, this little street isn’t even accessible by car.

I know all that camera gear is heavy but suck it up! It’s worth the trouble. Besides, there’s plenty of port wine to be found in Portugal. A few swigs should take the edge off the pain.

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Urban Angles - Lisbon Portugal