reflections FTW:

Out of the 5 days that I spent in Lisbon Portugal, this was the only day where it didn’t rain. — Well, it didn’t rain all day anyway… On the other days it was raining cats and dogs. Giant wet cats, and you know how pissed off cats get when they’re wet. And dogs, lets not forget about them, they stink up a damn storm when they’re wet. Ha! Stink up a storm… because it was raining, get it? Anyone? — Crap, I completely lost my train of thought…

Now, a cool little side effect occurred while I was dodging pissed off wet cats and stinky dogs. All around, pools of water cast cool reflections of everything. It was pretty awesome actually. Almost every shot that I framed around the city had a reflection of some sort in the frame. It was like my own little “make look cool” button for composition.

This is the statue monument of Dom Pedro IV in Rossio Square, which is affectionately known as the heart of Lisbon. There are lots of little shops, restaurants, and bars lining each side. So when you get tired of shooting HDR reflections and dodging giant falling wet animals, there are plenty of cool little spots to have a break.

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