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After my narrow escape from The Space Dolphins and after I discovered The Home World, I steadily began Approaching The Home World

I orbited the blue planet many times before I settled on this approach. The whole time my mind was reeling. How could humanity have let this happen!? How could we have been so careless? How could we have let the Space Dolphins take over? — I mean sure, they’re much better at politics, and I have to admit they look good in a tuxedo but, how!? — Have I really been away that long?

As I remain here, floating gently in space on the path to Going Home, I remind myself that I alone chose this mission. I could have been sipping cosmic cappuccinos in the gift shop, but no. I chose a different path. My path.

With one foot forward I step onto the escalator of my destiny; going home on the path unknown, slowly climbing, moving closer and closer to the next phase of my mission. With extreme focus I…

“Elia!” What the hell are you doing now!?

“Huh?” I turn, “What is it?”

“I’ve been waiting for you at the gift shop for over an hour. The museum is closing and I’m ready to go home.”

It’s her again. — I straighten, proud, rising to my full height. I speak slowly in my most serious voice, “I am going home…”

“What? No, that’s the 18th time you’ve been on that silly escalator and It doesn’t take you home, It takes you to the third floor. The exit is down here. Come on, seriously, I’m tired”

I fix her with a serious stare, “None of that matters anymore. There is only now. There is only the mission. There is only the…”

She cuts me off, “Wait.” She laughs, “Are you wearing a tinfoil hat?”

As the Earth’s gravity pulls me closer, sounds seem to melt away, blending together with the soft melody of distant laughter. Is this what the astronauts heard? — Regardless, none of that matters now. It’s only the mission. There’s only the hope of a solution; a salvation. Will I be able to find it? Will I be able to save Earth from the Space Dolphins? Will there be time for one more cappuccino in the gift shop!?

To be continued…

Going Home

HDR London History Museum - Elia Locardi - Going Home