Daily Banana – HDR Photo Favorites

Normal = yea right!

Things will be back to normal next week, but honestly, who’s defining the word normal here?

Seriously though, I’ve been ‘very’ busy the past few days. So much so that I’ve hardly had time to check any of my messages (all 1 of them). It’s all super duper fun, exciting stuff but yea, busy = yes.

So in light of my heckticality, I’m putting together one more throw back session this week. Next week, as I’ve said, I promise things will return to normal. — (Which really means: filled with bad humor and fart jokes) — At least we have that to look forward to. 😉

On a serious note though, I managed to shoot some really cool stuff between the insane busy sessions. I’ll start sharing next week.

The following is a “best of” or “my favorites” or “the best of my favorites” or “some random images I like.” Feel free to take your pick of awkward titles. You can also click on the images to check out the original post, as well as the HDR before and after comparisons.

The Queenstown Lookout

HDR Photo - Elia Locardi - Queenstown Lookout

The Valley of Fog

HDR Photo - Meteora - Valley Fog

Belem Tower at Sunrise

HDR Photo - Belem Tower Sunrise - Lisbon Portugal

London Sky

HDR Vertorama - Elia Locardi - London Sky