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Author: Elia Locardi

Test of Time

Texture Overload I’m an absolute nut job when it comes to texture. I go bananas over it and It’s one of the staples of my photography. These types of shots are an joy to work on because of the vastness of enhancing options for color, grit, and grime. Using HDR processing you can bring all the details back in the shadows and highlights giving you more power to enhance and color the texture. And if it’s color and texture that you’re after, there isn’t a better place to find it than Venice. When visiting Venice, it’s important to know...

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Game Over Man

The Tube at Midnight I’m a huge fan of Half Life 2. I’ve played it though many times. I still cant believe that this shot is actually a real place since it looks like it’s stripped right out of the game. This would be such an epic place to hold off a zombie horde. While I was in London, I took The Tube everywhere. I kept on making little notes on my Iphone when I’d find something cool. It turns out there are all sorts of strange and amazing things down there. Once I had put together a decent...

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Waking up Gaudi

5am!? Really!? Aside from Composition, another extremely important element to photography is good lighting. When I scouted this location the previous afternoon, not only was the lighting flat, but I found it crawling with people. This same shot would have had at least 300 people in frame. Seriously. Fact: Sunrise and Sunset produce the most desirable lighting effects. Another Fact: There are way less people around during sunrise than sunset. An unfortunate Fact: Waking up early sucks. Big time. No matter how well I mentally fortify myself the night before, my brain always looks for excuses not to get...

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To Honor All Gods

My Oculus is bigger than your Oculus. In Greek, Pantheon means “To honor all Gods,” and It truly is a spectacular place to visit. The Oculus (that big hole at the top — get your mind out of the gutter) is 7.8 meters in diameter. Another interesting fact about The Pantheon is that the distance from the floor to the top is exactly equal to its diameter! This is all fine unless your chosen god of worship happens to be a tripod, in which case they do NOT honor it. I’m also pretty sure that a monopod, which in this case would be a lesser deity, is also excluded from the ‘honor’ list. So if you plan to do some HDR photography here you can either be sneaky or keep a steady hand. HDR Photography does not require you to always shoot with a tripod but it’s STRONGLY recommended. Note the capitalization of the word ‘strongly’ to understand how much I recommend it. For those special ‘non tripoded’ moments, I’ve come up with a rather handy work flow. Click here to visit this tutorial on “How to Create HDR without using a Tripod” Daily Banana – To Honor all...

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The Elusive Space Dolphins

“So long and thanks for all the fish.” (any Douglass Adams Fans out there?) Very little is actually known about the Space Dolphins. Since it’s extremely difficult to find them in their natural habitat, no photographic evidence existed, until now! It turns out that you can find these magnificent creatures along with many others in London’s Natural History Museum. Inside, you can take all the pictures you want but don’t get caught monkeying around with a tripod. The operative word here being “caught.” MONKEY MOTTO#2: It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Daily Banana – The Elusive Space Dolphins...

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Below The Rialto

Crossing the Grand Canal As photographers we tend to stand out in a crowd. It’s not just the ton of gear we’re lugging around, It the constant moving, climbing, scrambling, and re-positioning of ourselves. This becomes incredibly important when trying to frame a shot. Very often taking a stellar photo requires us to step outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes it takes some guts to put yourself in a precarious position in order to claim the prize. If nothing else and excluding the possible element of danger, it sure does get some funny looks from passers by. Funny looks are...

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Vertical vs Horizontal Compositions

Monkey Tip #1 – Khelp with Composition Khelp. Get it? — You know, cause there’s kelp in the shot? K + Help Equals? Anyone? O well… At least my Cat thought it was funny. Anyway, take a gander at these two images. Each was shot back to back at the same time of day and also after a half bottle of cheap white wine. A lovely thing about digital photography is that you can shoot all you want with no penalties except for a full hard drive. That being said, there really isn’t any reason why not to try flipping...

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